Thursday, July 20, 2006

Behind the scenes

I know I haven't posted much lately, but that is mostly due to the volume of knitting I have been doing. And that is a great reason not to post on a "Look what I made" blog... because for a change, I can actually say, "LOOK WHAT I MADE!!"

About 6 inches of Pat's sweater... only 7 more inches to go before the armhole shaping... Sheesh!

A baby shrug... It makes more sense on a baby. I tried it on my sock monkey, and he has never looked cuter. Or more gay.

My first piece of lace knit... I already have two people who have said they want one, too. Here is a close-up of the color...

And last, but not least, my first pair of baby socks... and before you ask, no, there is no particular reason I've been knitting a lot of baby things.


Gregorio said...

That's ok. We all assumed the tiny clothes were for Patrick.


:-) Keep up the good work... and the postings!

Krissy said...

Of course there is a reason you have been knitting baby stuff lately. You've got me hanging around the office showing off all of the baby stuff that I knit. Besides, baby stuff is just too darn cute and easy.