Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogging from Under the Desk

Yes, yes, I did. I got under the desk. I'm a dork, and would have been alive even if I hadn't gotten under the desk... But if the sh*t had hit the fan, I'd have been pointing and laughing from my hidey-hole-- trapped under the desk under the rubble-- at all of you who were too cool to get under your desks... until I had to start drinking my own pee.

Then I'd probably stop laughing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little t.v., a little knitting, a little better...

Today is a better day. Much quieter here at work, and after my weekly dose of Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance last night, I'm feeling much more myself. Neither gruntled nor disgruntled, I'm just cruising. Which is a relief because I didn't like the way yesterday transformed me into a miserly troll hungry for tender unsuspecting goat. You're all lucky you didn't cross my bridge yesterday. It wasn't pretty.

Thank you Monte for your hilarious anonymous comment on yesterday's post... at least I think that was you. It gave me a good laugh this morning. I read it to coworkers. A fun time was had by all.

So anyone want some knitting? I did the math on my Barn-Raising Quilt, and I am 16 and a half squares away from completing my grand plan. I've decided that the best way to make sense of the mish-mash of colors is to try to create 4-square blocks with same or similar colorways diagonal from each other paired with a contrasting color on the opposite diagonal... I have two or three squares of most yarns, but only one of some. My hope is that the single squares can be matched up with something similar enough to create a coherent 4-square with two same colors opposite it. Does this make sense? Photos would help, huh? I'll work on that.

So anyway, where do I go from here? I'm working on knitting a second square of any matchless colorways for which I have yarn remaining. And to keep myself entertained (and to make best use of what little yarn is left in colorways that have fulfilled their blanket destinies), I am knitting bitty baby things. We have a new bitty baby, so some of them may go to her, some of them may go to charity, and as my mom always suggests, no matter what baby thing I knit, some will be put in a "Save them for [my] kids" pile. I always tell her that I can't save everything, and that by the time our kids come around I'll be a much better knitter, but she does have a point... some things are just too damn cute not to keep. :) Once 2 squares and a baby item have been made out of a colorway, that colorway is going in a bag which I hope to sell/trade or otherwise dispense of via the blog or Ravelry to some other Barn Raiser. There should be a good selection of nice yarns in pretty colors to add to another blanket elsewhere in knitland. (Putasockonit, are you out there? How's your blanket coming? Still wanna make a deal?)

The Laminaria shawl is chillin', as are other UFOs, but they are not languishing. I'm just allowing myself to be a slave to my whims these days, and I feel certain that I will whim my way back to these older projects very soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Worn Out Welcome

Today. This place of employment. This ringing telephone. The company that faxed me endlessly for almost an hour. These people calling to haggle their bills. The news people that told them that is an okay thing to do. This hairdo. These clothes. This economy. This worn out feeling.

Worn out welcomes all around.

And I am Senora McMoodSwing. Yesterday I described myself giddily as "ritable" and "gruntled". (The opposites of irritable and disgruntled).

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Does this shirt make me look fat?

No. But it does, apparently, make me look pregnant (which I'm not, by the way). Two people today have asked me if I'm expecting. Normally, this would have been an enormous blow to my ego, as all women of a curvaceous nature would agree. I think, at this point, most people know better than to commit the social foul of asking a woman "When are you due?" unless she is 8 months or more pregnant and otherwise thin. Most of us may wonder, but we don't ask because we've all heard the horror stories. You never want the response to, "When are you due?" to be "I'm not pregnant." If I were wearing anything else in my wardrobe, I'd be crying and hiding in the bathroom right now.

Today is different, though. I know it's not the shape (or lack thereof) of my figure that is prompting questions. I know this because my shirt does not touch me anywhere except the neckline... and therein lies the problem. Apparently I appear to be hiding something. This shirt gives people permission to ask me.

But it's not like it says, "Baby on Board" across the front. Remember when we all used to wear babydoll style shirts and dresses? Back in the early 90s? Did people ask then? I just wanted to be cool in the hot weather. I just wanted to wear something new. I just wanted to be free and whimsical and hippy-chic. At least I know how this shirt looks on me...

Does it make me look fat? Nope. It makes me look fertile. Good to know.