Monday, June 22, 2009

Knitting Content!

So. After Elliott was born I started another Barn Raising Quilt. I can't help myself. It's perfect baby knitting. Here's what I have so far:

Clockwise starting in the top left corner: Handmaiden Casbah in Dandelion, Malabrigo sock yarn in Indeicita, Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Koi Koi, Classic Merino Superwash sock yarn in Pink Grapefruit, Dream in Color Smooshy in In Vino Veritas, Shibui sock yarn in Bark, and Dream in Color Smooshy in Black Parade. I'm not sure whether the colors in the top photo (with flash) or the bottom (without flash) are more accurate, so you get both.

So far I have the following yarns to add to it:

Malabrigo sock in Ochre (mine is more chartreusey)

Dream in Color Smooshy in Cloud Jungle (mine is more grey, fewer color streaks)

and Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in colorway 127.

Elliott is intrigued by the prospect of this project:

I hope Mommy lets me chew on this next one...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

I couldn't make it to my knitting group's knit out on June 13th because we had relatives in town, but I knitted in public anyway (knitted?).

Monday, June 08, 2009

It's Just Too Good To Be True

Living in Los Angeles, as we do, and having been theater people, as we were, Senor and I come into contact with celebrities on occasion. We created a phrase to describe our lifestyle: Celebrity Adjacent. That basically means that we are friends with people who associate with celebrities on a daily basis, and thus we sometimes get included in a social or business event that brings us into the celebrity world. Celebrity Adjacent.

But there's another type of public figure association that's beginning to crop up more and more. Having been a theater student at USC, having done local theater in and around Los Angeles, I've met A LOT of actor-types. Senor has likewise. Some of you who read this blog have as well. And while none of us are household faces, some of our friends and acquaintances are beginning to be. So I wanted to do a shout out to those friends and acquaintances of ours who are making good.

Starting with the most recent... Last night I stumbled across the broadcast of the 2009 Tony Awards right at the end, just as the cast of "Hair" was finishing their performance. Since I haven't seen most of the shows, not having been in New York basically ever, I don't really care who wins what award, but I do like to watch for the song and dance numbers. So I left it on. At that point, there was just one performance left, and it was a tribute to "Jersey Boys". The medley featured five different guys who play Frankie Valli in various current major productions. The lights dimmed and a spotlight came up on a former cast mate and friend of mine. Mr. Joe Bwarie has done what, for me, was the impossible. He's gone from playing a supporting role in a local production of "West Side Story" to performing on the Tony Awards. I am so happy for him! He's in the Ontario cast of "Jersey Boys", apparently, and there he was looking all dapper and legit on my television. Nice one, my friend! It might be enough to get me to join Facebook in order to look you up and congratulate you... maybe...

From the same production of "West Side Story", I have the pleasure of knowing and having worked with a man you may know as Mr. Electricity.

I also saw John Hemphill, unexpectedly, in "Zodiac" with Jake Gillenhall. I'm keeping my eye out for you, Riff!

And again, from "West Side Story", my old friend Rachael Lawrence, who was recently seen in the series "I Hate My 30s". Very funny!
Also occasionally appearing on "I Hate my 30s", someone that I went to USC with (though he probably didn't know who I was), and someone with whom Senor has worked, Michael Cornacchia.

I also know the girl who sniffed a shoe in a credit card commercial, played God on "Joan of Arcadia" and might have killed someone on an episode of "Cold Case"... Mageina Tovah.

And I know the girl in the Citibank commercial who goes running next to her husband's car because she doesn't have an mp3 player.

I'm feeling pretty good when I turn on my t.v. these days. Perhaps I'll see YOU next...