Monday, September 08, 2008

Don't worry, One of those is yours.

Zuul and I just had our second Dr's appt last week, and believe it or not, the little thing is still in there! I know this probably doesn't sound amazing or impressive to you, but I seriously sometimes look down at my stomach and wonder... Is it still there? I shouldn't be surprised, because I'm still sick and exhausted, though less of the time, and though there was a pooch there before, it's definitely a grande pooch now. But still... I can't feel it in there. So how do you REALLY know?

Well, you slather on some blue goo and go hunting for it's heartbeat. I have to say there was a mess of percussion going on in there on Friday. I must have had a suspicious look on my face, 'cause the nice nurse practitioner lady said, "Don't worry, one of those heartbeats is yours."


On the drive home I had a little freakout. Who's in there?!! There's a person in there that's going to like some stuff and not others. Someone who's going to like bands that I've never heard of and know how to do things that I say are too hard for me because I'm too old to learn new technology. WHO ON EARTH IS IN THERE?!

I'm fine now. But I did have a nightmare about scary baby hands and feet grabbing me under the blankets... I woke Senor up with a wail of fear.

Don't worry, we are going to be great parents.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Recipient

There are more photos to come, some that show off the cable pattern much better, but check out the fit!!! And the happiness of the recipient, my cousin Mark!!! Overall, in spite of the multiple redos of the v-neck, I'd say this project was a rip-roaring success!


(And while I believe that Zuul is showing in my face and arms and tummy, you can't see much tummy here in this photo... I'm looking forward to that!)