Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Worn Out Welcome

Today. This place of employment. This ringing telephone. The company that faxed me endlessly for almost an hour. These people calling to haggle their bills. The news people that told them that is an okay thing to do. This hairdo. These clothes. This economy. This worn out feeling.

Worn out welcomes all around.

And I am Senora McMoodSwing. Yesterday I described myself giddily as "ritable" and "gruntled". (The opposites of irritable and disgruntled).


Krissy said...

I guess that makes me McStayAwayFromMe. Today, at work seriously sucks.

Anonymous said...

And all I wanted to do today was put a sign on my office door that read...
111 days to retirement. You f...ers better leave me alone.

Anne-Marie said...

Oh wow, my word verification is Cormo! Maybe its a sign I should spin more.

I have those days at work, today may be one of them since my wisdom tooth has decided to start hurting for the first time in months.