Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Names

No, I'm not here to discuss our list of favorite baby names... I know you probably would like that, but I'm not sure I could handle the volume of input that would surely invite.

I'm here to let you know the baby, as of yet unborn and ungendered, has seen to it that it's name has been changed (but only until it gets it's real official name which it can just wait until it's 18 years old to change if it must). I guess it didn't like Frijole. It didn't take. We didn't find ourselves referring to it as such in conversation, and thus knew it wasn't the right name.

But then the right name presented itself. In describing how I was feeling to some friends of Senor's, I found myself using a Ghostbusters analogy. And out flew the words, "There is no baby, only Zoul."

Zoul it is.

As in "Zoul doesn't like mommy to eat fruits, vegetables, or anything else good for it," and "Zoul makes mommy cry at the dumbest commercials," or the popular, "Zoul doesn't want mommy to get a whole night's sleep but does want her to sleep in the daytime."

See how neatly that works?


Rebecca said...

it's perfect and completely captures how we are at the mercy of every whim of our fetus!

Krissy said...

Feeling a little possessed, much?

Anonymous said...

Just wait til little Zoul starts to come out! Then you'll really feel possessed ;p


Shannon said...

Our baby was referred to as Optimus Prime, until she was actually born and came to be known as Sarah instead. Of course, Mark said he didn't know what was wrong with still going with Optimus Prime Dillon...