Monday, November 02, 2009

Each Foot Down a Rabbit Hole

The only thing that may keep me from falling headlong into either hole is the presence of the other.

1) NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 words in 30 days. Word count so far: 2011 words. I am currently current on my daily word count. That's a good way to start. Working title of my 2010 novel: Hindsight. "If the quest for the Future was preventing the possibility of any future, your only refuge is the Past."

2) Spinning. That's right kids. I decided to try spinning. Our knitting group attended a local fiber festival yesterday, and I found that I was not attracted to the yarn (I have lots of exciting yarn at home). I was drawn to the unspun fiber. I've been thinking about trying it, but I have feared the potential of my going overboard and filling my home with piles of fiber bigger than my pre-existing piles of yarn. But since I have just started, I still have the power of not going overboard. Buy it. Spin it. Buy another. Spin that. One at a time. Single file. I bought. I spun. I sucked but it is unquestionably yarn.

I bought some more to practice on. It was on sale, it's predrafted (I think that the drafting was the main source of my sucking), and it's just to see if I truly like spinning. So far, I can't be certain. I guess I had a silent lurking dream that I was going to be magically delicious at spinning. I didn't know the dream was there until it was dashed. Now I have to see if I can conjure up a knack for it out of good old fashioned practice and determination.

After I write my words for the day.

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Free Range Chick said...

Look at your pretty yarn. What are you going to make? Maybe a coaster!

Really, I am so jealous. You know that I am going to have to go buy a drop spindle now.