Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Well, I retried the Buttercup with a few more inches completed, and I wonder how this is going to look on me when it's finished. The design is intended to stand away from the body in a baby-dollish manner, and that does appear to be the effect I am achieving.

So what's the problem? I think it's a lapse in judgement (again) regarding what looks good on me and what doesn't. I get so distracted by the loveliness of the willowy model's figure and how the sweater drapes on her... and I get what I'm calling "Skinny Inside Syndrome". Since I am, after all, a skinny person on the inside, I identify with the model and see myself in the sweater the way she looks...

And then I try on the half-knit item, and I remember... The inside and the outside are a TEEEENY bit different.

We'll see. There is the intention of a second pregnancy in the offing. Perhaps this can be a belly-friendly knit.

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