Monday, February 27, 2006

Slow day.

Today I made 6 rows of a knitted washcloth. That's it. Really.

Oh yeah, I made a kid give me the stink-eye. "Oh those abhorrent teachers, always giving us timeouts when we're being unruly-- God!!" Although, she was 4, so her mental dogging of me was probably less sophisticated.

I made a horrifying discovery today... MySpace. I truly believe that if is earth, and is heaven, then MySpace is the internet's inferno. Argue if you want, but I swear as soon as I signed up I saw the shadow demons from "Ghost" growing out of the corners of the dental office... And there was their overlord, Tom, inviting me to join the agony.

I know some of you love MySpace... or all of you, I don't know. I'm not going there. Today... I made a stand.

1 comment:

Gregorio said...

MySpace is quite evil... but I think I've made it my own personal bitch.

BTW, it's always a good day when I see the word "stinkeye" in print or online. Thank you :-)