Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 More Days

Nanowrimo ends on Friday at midnight. I will get this thing finished, but I have not made it easy on myself. First, I started over on the 10th, abandonning 10,000 words worth. Then I got the stomach flu last week and laid on the floor for 3 days straight. Never knit a stitch. Never turned on the computer. That's really sick. Then we left for Palm Dessert for Thanksgiving which was much too fun/stressful to lock myself in a bedroom and miss any part of... So now, I'm stuck with 18,000+ words to write in 3 days. Oh it's gonna get done, but I am not going to like it.

I'm aiming for 5,000 today, 5,000 tomorrow and 8,000 on Friday. I only wrote 1,000 yesterday, but I didn't finish teaching until 8pm and then Biggest Loser was on... yes, I know, I'm a big loser... not in the weight department (though being sick helped), but in the finger-L on the forehead department.

I will be back with you shortly with great quantities of knitting. It is getting done despite other obligations. When you need to knit your first glove, you just effing need it! You know what I'm saying?

Thank you for your patience. I miss blogging, honestly, but the typing typing typing is enough to make me wish I could type by banging my head on the keyboard instead...

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Anne-Marie said...

I'm visualising you banging your head on the keyboard... It SOUNDS funny but im sure it doesn't feel it.

I was ill last night, which just isn't good when you need to spend 3 hours up a ladder sticking your house together. Better now though.

Glad you are too. Lets see some knitting!