Thursday, November 15, 2007


Project Runway Season 4-- Woop!!!
Last night's winner in my opinion(though this is a dreadful photo of it):

Close second:

And the winner for strangest choice of model:

If Linda Hamilton and the Beast had had a kid...? Anyone else seeing that?

On the novel:
I got to about 10,000 words and started over. I'm back up over 8,000 words but with much less time on my hands. It's moving along smoothly now, but if I don't write much in the next two weeks, that's why. I'll have to squeeze out 2800 bloody words a day to make it... Eesh!


Anonymous said...

I was also in love with that dress Chris made. Out of the dregs from the fabric tents, too!

Brynne said...

That last comment was me, a helpful baby pressed return too soon.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, I'm pumped about it being back as I LOVE Project Runway!:)

senor fuerte said...


Anne-Marie said...

I love this program but I never get to watch it :(

amandarama said...

Chris' dress was great, but I have to go with the judges on this one - I LOVED Rami's dress. And his model is a little... thicker than the rest, but she's beautiful - although none of the models really stand out to me this year. Where's Nazri when you need her?