Wednesday, February 13, 2008


2/3/2008...Date of most recent 10k run.

01:10:29...Amount of time it took me to run that 10k.

00:02:15...Number of minutes faster than the last time.

554...Number of females who beat me.

28...Number of females in my age group who I beat. (The rest must have overslept)

53...Number of degrees it was that morning. Which feels like -16 to LA natives.

749...Miles Per Hour of wind gusts.

137...Miles Per Hour of wind between gusts.

856,709...Number of raindrops that fell on my head during the race.

1...Number of hand knits worn in race. In the form of hat.

19...Number of minutes by which Senor beat me. (Yay, Senor!)

2...Number of free t-shirts added to Fuerte household. That's 0.16 shirt per mile.

2...Number of free beers given to each of us at the end of the race. Rad.

6.4...Number of pounds lost so far in 2008. That's 3.39% so far.


Anne-Marie said...

Yay you! I could never see myself running unless I was being chased by something large and angry.

I'd imagine the cooler than usual weather was a good thing after running for so long? I like that you got free t-shirts and beer at the end too.

senor fuerte said...

Anne-Marie: When we did this race last year, it was hot and muggy. I really do think that the cold weather helped us run a bit faster, as we were less fatigued (but more miserable.)

Rosina said...

Way to go!