Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now with photos!

Check this out! My Endpaper Mitts, knit in Colinette Jitterbug "Vincent's Apron" and "Blue Parrot", and cruising right along! I am experimenting with holding one yarn in the left hand and throwing the other with the right hand. So far, so good. I'll be interested to see how it all works once I get to the thumb gusset (Say it outloud, "Thumb Gusset". I sometimes use this as a substitute for "dumbass". It works great!).

I've also got a couple of owner appreciation shots of the Swing Thing jacket. It's now keeping my little neice warm in Australia (does it count as a neice if it's a sorority sister?).

Malabrigo makes her boogie!

Oh man, I hope that little ponytail never lays down! I feel so good about bringing handknits to Whoville. What a cutie!!!

Senor's new baby... we love it!! I have already experimented with convertible knitting. It's pretty much the same. Plus now I have a reason to wear a hat all of the time. I'll have to get on that!

And last but not least, Twist is seamed!!!!!! Yay! But you'll have to wait for finished photos. It isn't quite going to be perfect-perfect, but it is definitely close. There's a bit of room for armpit tumors, which I (fortunately) don't have, but other than that, it fits pretty darn well. It is superwash, too, so it might be that I just blocked it out a little too far, and maybe a washing will help it. Though I have to say throwing a brand new knit in the washing machine has me pretty freaked out. Are you sure it's safe?


Vieja Fuerte said...

Are you going to knit a "bra" for Alec?

senor fuerte said...

We prefer "codpiece."

Vieja Fuerte said...

That would be for the stick shift, I presume.

Krissy said...

What knitting fun. I can't wait to see the finished Endpapers.

sue said...

The little cardigan is gorgeous on your beautiful niece. I love the ponytail too, so cute.