Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Stash Goes In, The Stash Goes Out

Webs, what am I going to do with you? They send me this little e-mail that subtly suggests that Cascade 220 might be on sale, and I numbly click on the link, thinking, "But I'm not really in the market for... Hey, wait a minute!" And suddenly visions of new sweaters come screaming into my head. Senor needs one! I need something new, too! (but you already have something new) But I need another something new!! Hey, cousin Mark wanted a sweater, too!! And while I have reservations about knitting entire sweaters for a non-husband, now would be the time to find out what I'm really made of 'cause CASCADE 220 IS ON SALE!!!

Yeah, you laugh, but I suddenly have 26 skeins of Cascade 220 to store and no desire to touch wool in the current heat wave.

Cotton it is! Or rather, 80% cotton (the 20% wool doesn't seem to be a detractor)... After much unsuccessful swatching Saturday morning, I finally matched up some stash cotton with a pattern and needles.

Citrus Yoke Pullover- Interweave Knits Winter 2006.
Cotton Cords- Brown Sheep Company- colorway Crescendo (mixed berry-ish)
10 1/2 Needles.

Zippy little thing!! It's knit top down, so I tried it on yesterday to make sure everything was working out okay. So far, so good. It's down below the armpits now. Already. Yip!! It's fun to knit a big chunky tube after all that cabling on Twist and the other size 2 needled projects that are floating around my house. This should be done by this weekend, if all continues smoothly, next week at the latest. And it will make room for at least 8 skeins of my new stash...

Oy, what will I do with the other 18?

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Anne-Marie said...

Um... Contest? Lol.

I actually picked up my cascade cardigan that I made about 95% of just before Christmas. I can't quite decide how long I want it, or what edging to use so its still sort of sitting there being stared at whilst I spin silk. Which is very very hard!