Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My knits are doin' it!

They must be. Procreation is the only explanation for the proliferation of the species. Soon I shall have to hire hunters to come in and shoot the surplus population.

Current works in progress:
1. Lace Ribbon Scarf
2. Doppio Gauntlets
3. Citrus Yoke Pullover: This is an actual photo of mine... It's progressed quite a way since then...
4. Jaywalker 5.2
5. Lace Garter Stitch Scarf/Wrap/Wedding-Wearable for sister in law's wedding in less than 3 weeks... Also called "Pipe Dream Scarf".
6. Endpaper Mitts
7. Storm Water Shawl

They are doin' it. Swear. I am not responsible for this madness!


senor fuerte said...

That's what happens when you lay 'em down in the tall grass and let 'em do their stuff. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

Anne-Marie said...

Maybe you should seperate them. How do you know which are the boys and which are the girls?

I 'think' I only have 3 projects at the moment. But I actually have about 10. Variety is the spice of life :)

ohsweetjeebus said...

I currently have a baby sweater and a long scarf/shawl thingy that are 2/3rds completed. Maybe I just need to sit them next to each other and let mother nature work her magic?

Senora Fuerte said...

Yes, Sweet Jeebus, it might work, but it also might result in a litter of little baby knit projects that need to be raised...