Sunday, October 05, 2008

A collection a baby things

In honor of my next doctor's appointment tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the baby knitting I've done lately. I plan to knit like a mad person for old Zuuly after we know whether it be ruffles or applique footballs, but in the meantime there are certainly plenty of universally adorable projects to satisfy my mom-to-be needs.

For example:

The Pinwheel Blanket from Knitalong. When I first saw this the day I bought the book, I knew I had to make one.

It's knit in Pakucho Organic Cotton in the sage colorway, though it looks like regular old grey in real life. It is SOOOO soft and affordable. I got mine from I used size 8 circular needles and 8 skeins of Pakucho. I added the garter stitch edge to combat a bit of edge curling I saw going on as I started casting off the first time. Much better now. I don't have an exact measurement, but I'd say it's about 3 1/2 feet in diameter, big enough to wrap up an infant or to lay on the floor for a slightly older baby to play on. I love this project!

Back when Zuul was still a secret, I began exploring my post-Barn-Raising-Squares sock stash and came up with the perfect gender neutral colorways for a pair of hats:

These are both Handle by Larissa Brown (it's a Stitch Marker kind of day today). Super simple and fast and fun and adorable. The yarns are both Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Watercolor (left) and Gold Hill (right)-- I think.

And what baby doesn't need a pair of these?

Baby Jaywalkers. There may be a pattern out there with the modifications for tiny feet, but I went on intuition and just cut down on stitch count. I forget now how many stitches per needle, but it's whatever total gives you three knit stitches between the kfb and the sl2k1psso. I hope that's clear. I think they are so cute! I think they should fit Zuul at around 6 months... but what do I know about baby feet... yet? The yarn is Claudia's Handpaint in Cabin Fever.

And here, finally, is the modelled photo of the Debbie Bliss Matinee Coat on baby Kelly:

It's a bit bunched up by the stroller, but you get the idea. One note from Kelly's mom was that she finds it difficult to get the second arm through because the join isn't stretchy enough. So perhaps a stretchier bind off at those locations would be good... or modifying the pattern to be a seemless join? I'm not sure I have the skills for that yet, but you might consider it if you do.

The yarn is Dalegarn Baby Ull (I think) in white on the top and Hand Maiden Casbah on the bottom-- I forget the name of the colorway. Sorry for being so vague... Miraculous to work with, though!! And both washable!!!

So that's that for now. I let you know how Zuul's ticker is working tomorrow!


Sheryl aka: KNITIDIOT said...

Love the baby stuff! I haven't started making anything yet. Haven't really been in a knitting mood. Plus I have 3 xmas presents to finish. yucky.

Andrew said...

While I didn't understand much of the knitting lingo (ok, I didn't understand ANY of the knitting lingo), I do know that those hats rock, and I think I will be commissioning you for a set for my nieces and nephew!