Sunday, October 05, 2008

The New "It" Sock?

I know there are some mega-popular sock patterns out there. I have knit a few of those myself. I would say I have two of the "it" socks. And I have loved them as you have. Oh the Jaywalkers! Oh the Monkeys!

But now I have to say quite emphatically OH THE FASCINE BRAID SOCKS!!! They are a newish pattern from Tiennie of TiennieKnits, and like Tiennie so often does with her knits, I plan to make multiples of these. They are beautiful! All the elegance of cabled socks without the cable hassle; a simple four row repeat that never seems to get boring; you can totally make mistakes and they don't really show (I like this in a pattern); a cute garter stitch detail at the sides of the heel flap; it's all very very good!!

You should try them!

And then when you do, try another pair!

I did have a bit of a mishap on the first picot edge...

See how my picots seem to be blowing in a stiff breeze? That's not supposed to happen. When picking up the cast on edge, I may have picked them up a few stitches to one side or another. I saw it happen, I knew I could fix it, but I chose not to. It illustrates the learning curve, which I have decided I think is beautiful in its way. Granted, on a sweater or something that would be much more visible and noticeable, I would have fixed a problem like this, but I consider socks a private project. And thus I allowed the mistake to stay. Besides, it makes the picot edge of the second sock look so much prettier:

I would love to see these socks take off and become one of "those" patterns. Take a gander and consider using some of your solid or semi-solid yarn for a pair of these lovelies...

Fascine Braid Socks
Dream in Color Smooshy
Colorway: In Vino Veritas (if you can't drink it, knit it!)
Size 2 DPNs

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