Friday, May 14, 2010

Destash of a Different Kind

I should be the most moist person in the world.

Look at this stash of lotion!!! How does this happen?

I can tell you. When I'm having a bad day or feeling not quite as good about myself as I would like, I go looking for a solution. For some reason I like to look at Riteaid... and for some reason, being more moisturized or more tan or more firm or more wrinkle-free always seems like it would make me feel better. But then the lotions float around all over the house, and while they don't get used regularly enough to have their proposed effect, they each get used a little at a time and thus never get used up.

Well, no more. One body lotion, one hand lotion, one face lotion and one foot lotion. That seems like a lot, but I'm putting the rest in a box and out of sight until I finish one.

Fewer bottles = Less guilt.

And then once they're all used up then I can shop for something that I'll really love to smear on myself and not feel obligated to all of the other unguents hanging around the house. I will be moist!

PS. I hate the word "moist". Hate. It.


Anne-Marie said...

I hate the word too :)

I seem to be like you with the hoarding of moisturisers and such. Although I have taken some action with bath stuff by just using it and not 'saving it for best'. I have a ton of stuff from Lush and Burts Bees from Christmas gifts. I might do what you have and finish one at a time.

Free Range Chick said...

So you're that you don't want lotion for your birthday.

Know how you feel.