Thursday, September 07, 2006

The wandering sticks...

Just yesterday I professed my fidelity and constant love for one project (at a time)-- the scarf for my co-worker, which I hearby name the Fishtail (quicker to type)- and already my sticks have been tempted to stray. It's a good thing my temptability applies only to my knitting habits and not to any other part of my life, or Sr. Fuerte would be in for it! Here's how fiber affairs begin...

... I worked happily for two hours or so last night on the Fishtail, and I even began to feel that I would soon be able to knit without referring to the pattern, which will speed things up tremendously. I brought my beloved Fishtail to work and what met me when I arrived but a bag of yarn from my mom for a new comission: matching baby sweater and hat. There was only one problem with the lovely choices she made. Two of the colors are acrylic (gifting on a budget) and one is cotton. The cotton will shrink, leaving little bunchy bits in the baby's sweater after the first washing. Not good. Even with this temptation, though, my honor held true, and I pulled out the Fishtail at lunch.

... And then a lightbulb went on! I could both correct the yarn content problem AND earn activity Points for my diet AT THE SAME TIME by walking up to the yarn store on my lunch hour. What a brilliant idea! And out I went.

Bad news: The yarn store rearranged AND got a bunch of new stuff. So in addition to purchasing the appropriate red acrylic yarn to replace the cotton... I shopped for the stash. I got an amazing, crazy, knubbly, colorful wool yarn to knit a crazy, knubbly wonderful hat that I will admittedly keep... and the needles on which to knit it.

Now I ask you: How am I going to go home and work AGAIN on the Fishtail when this gorgeous yarn is sitting there watching, winking, flirting with me from its bag?

Someday I'll claim that it was the yarn's idea to end my one day old career as a serial moknogomist. "I was seduced. It made me feel young and alive. I couldn't help myself."

Man, I've been watching too much Secret Lives of Women.

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