Friday, September 15, 2006

Weekend Progress

Well, I say weekend, but it's still only Friday. What is going on here?! I'm all confused. Monday is going to be a rude awakening after all of this time off.

So, what have I been doing. I have worked a lot on Fishtail (photos to come Monday), and it is up to 27 pattern repeats, and I can finally knit without the pattern, and I can finally knit without undoing every third row. I should be running out of yarn soon, and that is when I will stop. I am pleased with it, but it will need some serious blocking.

I also finished an Odessa hat (thank you Grumperina for the wonderful pattern). I did it without the beads, though. It's a nice buttery yellow color. I knit it for my girlscout troup leader from my childhood. She has ovarian cancer, and I have been informed that all of her pretty yellow hair is gone... So I wanted to help her look like herself until it comes back. I plan to knit more Odessas, but this one, as my first and as a gift for someone in need, has been especially satisfying.

I also purchased my yarn and needles for Sock Wars 2006. It is the colors of wasabi peas... so pretty in a wasabi kind of way! I can't wait! It all starts in a week. I told the lady at my LYS about it, and she seemed to think it was a very strange concept. I enlisted her help in finding a good DK yarn... but she seemed to disapprove a bit. Oh well...

In other news... I saw "Hollywoodland". It was very close to being very good, but in missing the mark, it failed. If you are going to get that close to greatness, to miss it is criminal. In my opinion, the actors did their jobs very well. I think either the writer or the director did not have a good sense of what this story was REALLY about. Or there was an important scene left on the cutting room floor.

So there you go. Currently cleaning house for a dinner party of 12 on Sunday. The Fuerte apartment only fits about 5 or 6 comfortably... if you get my drift. So it will be cozy and jolly around here. But I'm sure everyone will be well fed and well "hydrated"-- so no one will care about the lack of space. AND I'll get to use the ENTIRE SET OF WEDDING DISHES! Good thing we got 12 of everything. And I thought that was indulgent... little did I know...

Stay tuned for photos on Monday.

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