Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nose to the Grindstone

The Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt from Summer 07 IK... It's not an inspiring knit so far. Upon finishing the back, I didn't have that, "Wow, look how cool, it's part of a piece of clothing!" feeling that I got with the Ruffled Surplice. And when I lay it out, it looks like a mess because of the rolling (one way on the sides, the other way on the ends), but this is not why we knit this piece.

We knit it for the lace panels on the chest and shoulders. We knit and we knit and we knit for the privilege of getting to work that lace. Man, I hope it's worth it. Here's my progress on the front piece:

Are you impressed? Yeah, I didn't think so.

One thing about the yarn, Lara by Elann, weird gappy spots that happen for absolutely no apparent reason. I checked the back of this spot... there's nothing wrong here. So why does one row turn out all Hobbitty and the other all tall and V-of-Deathy?!

Man, the lace has a LOT to make up for.


Anonymous said...

I think the front will absolutely make up for the back--maybe the yarn will block nicely & you won't have those areas that annoy you. Anyway, I think we're usually much more critical looking at our work close-up than anyone else is, so I bet this top comes out beautifully.

Anne-Marie said...

What is your dream job?

And how is the mindless knitting coming along? I made an entire crochet bolero this week but i forgot to take pictures :(