Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hey all you yarnies! Go check out Noteworthy Knits' contest for free yarn. It's a super easy one, a "Just Show Up" kind of contest. (I'll pretend I don't know that I'm just encouraging you to go reduce my odds of winning) Of course, it would be nice if you take a browse through the posts as well. There's some good stuff there! Thanks Noteworthy Knits!!

Noteworthy Knits

So. How about some knitting updates? Since the finishing of a major project, I am sewing my wilds oats a bit.


Close-up of OAT stitch pattern.

This is the Spiral Lace Capelet from Wrap Style. I enjoy this stitch pattern because it's easy to remember, and I don't have to pay too much attention. It does seem to grow VERY slowly, though. I also bothered to calculate the yards of yarn per round: 3.5. This is fun for the Stashalong progress, as I am going for pure yard reduction.


Started and finished the first one quite some time ago. The second has been taking a backseat, BUT. BUT. Now that I near the second heel flap, the acceleration begins to take hold. Zoom Zoom Zoom.

Note: When I was a smoker (oh don't act so shocked), my co-worker and I had a code for when it was time to go have a cig. She'd peer over my cubicle wall and whisper, "Zoom Zoom," just like the kid in the commercial. It wasn't a code we discussed. It just happened that way one day. So I'd sit all day and wait for those two magic words. Zoom Zoom. Hey, man, I was really addicted. The commercial still makes me want to smoke. Right on, Mazda. Those were the good old days.


Senor Fuerte said...

I went to the L.A. Auto Show the year Mazda started their "Zoom-Zoom" campaign. They had that song playing on a continous loop at the Mazda stand at the show. I asked one of the reps there how they were handling having that song playing ALL DAY LONG. He got this really sad look on his face, and just shook his head.

Anne-Marie said...

purdy oats you have there. Im STILL making the handle for my sisters bag - im almost there, her birthday is today and today is when i bought the lining fabric lol. It WILL be done when i see her (i hope)