Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When We Were Fancy

This weekend we attended the Palos Verdes Concourse d'Elegance at Trump National Golf Club. For those who know about cars, this event is "An exhibition of Automotive Excellence featuring Shelby Cobras, plus 200 American and European classic, exotic, and specialty automobiles" (according to the official website). For the rest of us it was "millions of dollars worth of fancy cars parked on millions of dollars worth of fancy grass for the taking of millions of photos and watching husbands' eyes water in appreciation" (according to me).

My mom and dad went with us (see here Senor and his father-in-law peering into one of the fancies).

The amazing thing about the really beautiful examples are that even the details are poster-worthy. This is written on the engine of one of the Best of Shows, and it reminds me of vintage french liquer posters.

Reflections can be a problem when photographing immaculately shined automobiles...but sometimes the reflection's the Thing.

The above won Senor's heart. He used the phrase "hands down", which, for Senor, means business. Hands down the best thing here. Or something much more dramatic and interesting than that, but you get the idea.

I loved up some grills.

Overall, I think Senor was most satisfied with the outting. We all got our Fancy on and appreciated the automobile-as-lawn-jewelry, had a delicious lunch, and then napped uncontrollably. It was a good day.

I do wish all of the other people had gotten their Fancy on... These are Cobras and Ferraris and Jaguars, people. We dress up for them, and of course, for Mr. Trump.


The_Add_Knitter said...

How fun! My dad used to drag err I mean take us to those all the time as he used to collect cars!!

amandarama said...

Was Jan wearing a fabulous hat? 'Cause I think she was.

Senora Fuerte said...

Jan WAS wearing a fabulous hat, in fact. It was a bit sunny and a bit foggy too, so that hat served both frizz control and shade purposes. Plus it looks. cool.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi. I was just re-reading that post and saw 'water butt' and thought it was a stupid name. Its actually called that though - A water butt is like a tank that connects to the gutter to collect rain water to use around the garden. Things are finally moving here - the cabin gets ordered tomorrow. The downside (apart from the roofspace/bedroom only being 3 feet high) is that we have to put it up in NOVEMBER! Knowing goof old British weather, it will no doubt be sunshiney and hot hot hot. (i hope)