Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yes. I Admit it. It's Cute.

Sewing it up and putting buttons on it does solve a lot of the troubles I had with it. This is my Baby Surprise Jacket, knit in Patons Canadiana acrylic. I'll tell you why I decided to do that... Everyone made this project sound so super quick that I thought, "I'll try it out with something cheap, and then if I like it, which I'm certain to, I'll make a slightly bigger investment and knit up something a bit more luxurious."

The trouble was that the yarn was so ill-suited that the project took me FOREVER. I just didn't want to work on it. Because it was just that: work. Now that it's done, I do like it better, but I still may give this some time before I attempt another. Besides, there are so many cute baby sweaters out there that I haven't made yet, like the Classic Cashmere Sweater from Little Knits for Cherished Babies.

Oh wait, I've made that one before too... But this new one will look like a sock monkey. Take that, Last Year Me!

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