Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Worthwhile Way to Support the Economy

It's rainy or snowy, it's cold, it's the holidays, you have time off work (hopefully)-- I know you're not out doing free things like hiking or walking along the beach or swimming in your fabulous pool.

And while I know that you ARE counting your pennies, there are ways for us all to help, and I've discovered one that will benefit you too.


I admit, I saw it for free, and thus did not infuse the economy with my viewing-- BUT. Seriously. It's so good that if I could bet my pinched pennies on the probability of cinema teachers at major universities holding this film up as a gold standard, I would do it! I would march right over to my local deserted ScotTrade office and lay down my cash. This movie is fantastic!

Is it the writing? Yes. Is it the performances? Good God, yes. Is it the fact that the church in which I was christened plays Nixon's California home? A little (this might not work for you, though). Is it the subject matter? Absolutely. Is it the fact that Democrats and Republicans alike can find something worthwhile to enjoy and learn here? Yes. It is not a hatchett job. It is a beautiful portrayal of flawed men facing each other with their reputations and, essentially, their lives on the line.

You must see it. It is worth the $10. I would even dare say it is worth the $12.50 seats at the luxury theaters.

And get popcorn. 'Cause it's good, too.


Senor Fuerte said...

But, how was the music?

mberenis said...
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Senora Fuerte said...

The music was great too! You wouldn't think you could mix from an instrumental score into a disco song... but dude, it was smooooooth!

And that guy who processed the music liscences is totally hot!

amanda said...


I tried so hard to get this movie at my theater, but alas, we're getting Benjamin Button instead. I'm happy about that, but I'd rather have Frost/Nixon. Frank Langella is for sure my Oscar pic.