Monday, December 15, 2008

We All Scream for Ice Cream!!!

Just called the doctor's office. I tested negative for gestational diabetes. Yay! One less thing to worry about! It's a good thing too, because it's that time of year when the world falls in love, and we get all kinds of treats from the specialists to whom we refer our patients. Glad I won't have to worry so much about resisting. :)

So, knitting. Remember knitting? Not to worry, there has been much knitting lately. A dead battery in the camera put a delay on my showing you, but I do have a few photos now... hang on while I upload them...

The Ellen Cowl (Ravelry link), which I knit for my hairdresser, was the first cowl I've made. These things are brilliant! I know I'm telling you something you probably already know, but hello stashbusting genius! Out of one skein of Malabrigo worsted (here in Apple Cinnamon), I was able to make one man's size beanie, this cowl and STILL HAVE SOME LEFT OVER!!!

I don't think you will be that surprised that I cast on for another cowl right away with leftovers from Mark's sweater (the one I did for Ravelympics). I am testing out the Herringbone stitch, which I really like so far. But I think I'll wait until it's finished to show you, since it shouldn't be long.

I also completed the left front sleeve and front panel of my Sunrise Circle Jacket, which you have not yet seen.

As Meatwad would say, "It is highly edumacationous for my brain." I love the shape of this, but I do find instructions like "(M1R, k32) 4 times" very difficult to keep track of... I've had to do a lot of recounting of stitches. With that said, though, I am up the sleeve and halfway across the semicircle of the right front. I might even be wearing this sweater by Christmas... maybe. The back is finished and blocked already, so I'm awfully close!

The brilliant thing about this sweater, I'm hoping, is that it will leave the perfect little space for the belly to show.

Here's the belly, 26 weeks down, 14 to go!

This photo was almost precisely one month after the previous, for comparison's sake. Most everyone is saying it's small for almost 6 months... I think it's pretty big, myself, and I've earned every last inch of it! I did have a chat with Zuul to see if he or she can help stretch it out a bit bigger for everyone, but we haven't worked out our "One kick means Yes, Two kicks means No" system very well yet. I wonder what 37 kicks and a roll means...


Rebecca said...

you look VERY small for six months!

Krissy said...

I think that 37 kicks means...

"What are you doing?"
"Are you knitting?"
"Is that for me?"
"What do you mean your hairdresser?"
"I want something."
"Actually, I want pizza."
"With mushrooms and chicken."
"Can I have a dog?"
"Can we watch Baby Story?"
"Eww, eww, eww, eww."
"I don't wanna come out."

amanda said...

I never got in on the "what's that bump?" action, so let me cast my selfish vote:
A girl. 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Born one day after your due date.