Monday, January 05, 2009

2008: Resolved

I will not spend another January working on this bad boy!! It is officially finished and in use!

Having started it in January of 2007, I decided near the end of 2008 that I would finish this epic before 2009 began. After three days of what seemed like endless end-weaving, I was finally able to curl up for a nap under my beauty on New Years Eve.

I can't lie. It felt great to be done.

So, my knitting resolution for 2009? Attempt project monogamy. Socks are the exception, of course, but I hope to finish things in shorter amounts of time by trying to limit the distraction factor. We shall see.

At the moment, I turn my focus on a lovely seed stitch jacket for Zuul. Over halfway finished... So far, so good.


sue said...

The blanket/afghan looks beautiful. You must be very proud and relieved to be finished it.

Anne-Marie said...

You are trying to limit the distraction factor? Did you forget you are having a baby?

I love the blaneket, I wish I had the patience (and sock yarn) to finish it.

amanda said...

any more Ernie-Bert mitts in progress? No pressure...

ps. my word verification word is "ingsta." Sweet.