Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Suitable for Children

I traded in the old baby countdown widget for a more biologically detailed one. If you push play you can see the baby grow from WAY BACK WHEN it was the size of an unfathomably small single cell, past the booger-sized phase, through the produce aisle of the grocery store (grape, kumquat, kiwi, plum, apple, cantaloupe, etc), until it became the fully formed (though slightly anorexic looking) little bundle of humanity that it is today. And by "little" I mean increasingly uncomfortable, animatronically powered (I'm having a brief late pregnancy denial period), pointy-parted mommy torturer... sorry, Zuul, but you gotta face facts. Being filled with you is not as comfy as being filled with, say, a nice steak, a glass of Cabernet, and some premium ice cream.

But then again, I don't often dream of the joys of picking up my steak and comforting it when it cries... so there is an overall positive trade off.

I'm hoping that, as we get closer to the due date, this widget will give us all a little clearer, if more graphic, picture of what's going on than the other one did.

I do kinda miss the little cartoon baby, though...


viejo fuerte said...

Whoa, did you see the Michael Phelps' style flip to turn around? It was so fast, I missed it. Home stretch, Natalie. Keep hangin' on.

Live, Laugh, and Love :) xoxo said...

HI Krissy tells me you liked the bag I made her for knitting...hmmm. well we are bring the family down in March for spring break DISNEYLAND time, and I would love to make you a bag either one like Krissy's for knitting or a larger one for baby things....let me know..
Congrats by the way. how are you feeling so far.