Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Cake

Last week I spent 9 hours making this cake for Elliott's first birthday. With the help of my mom and my friend Nicki, we baked the cake, made the fondant, and assembled this beauty. I even drove it home safely in the trunk of my car-- I was so worried about it.

Once home, I showed it to Senor and he said innocently, "Is there a reason you guys put the 1 on backwards?"

Nope. We just didn't notice. I didn't. My mom didn't. My dad didn't. And Elliott doesn't know his numbers yet, so he was no help.

At least there was no way to fix it...


Free Range Chick said...

Backwards 1s make for a yummier cake. It was super good.

queenb2u said...

One smun. Who cares. Happy Birthday Elliot. Nice job Mommy Natalie.