Monday, February 26, 2007

The Craft Must Go On

Thank you all for your support and condolences, both on blog and off. Brad will definitely be missed. I am sad that I didn't get much time with him now that I'm an adult... He was a wonderful uncle to kid-me, but I would have loved to sit at the adult table with him at a few more holidays. We'll be going up to San Fran two weekends from now to "celebrate". I'm looking forward to it, and I'm really not looking forward to it... it's one of those.

The craft goes on, in spite of our losses, and I am feeling very proud of my progress. Wombat got a new sweater, as he forgot to pack one when he came to stay with us this weekend. Goodbye 80ish yards of acrylicness, HELLO BITCHIN' DOG SWEATER!!!

This is the best fit I've achieved yet. Next time: Cables! Of course, once we saw him lookin' all fly in his new outfit, we each had to have our photo taken with him.

(Note to self: Smile with teeth next time)

I've also spent some time working on Jaywalker 2.2. I turned the heel today, and I am now working on the heel decreases. It should be done by this weekend, I'd imagine.

I also decided to "invent" a sock... if you can even call it that. It's basically just a stockinette stitch sock with a little bit of ankle shaping... I am seriously uncertain as to whether or not it's working... I just winged it because I wanted something easy to knit during the dance competition we watched on Saturday night. I may frog it and try again with a few more stitches so that I can make them into knee-highs (does anyone know if you can make an entire knee high sock out of one ball of Lorna's Shepherd Sock?). We'll see. Jaywalker 2.2 is taking precendence anyway... I'll worry about this one afterward.

So that's that.

I've at least temporarily abandonned the Capecho due to reports that it fits really poncho-ish and not very cropped cardigan-ish as it appears on the cover of the magazine. That won't due. I'm thinking about making the smaller size, but otherwise I'll just use the yarn for something else.

Senor's sweater front continues slowly... I'll get there, people.

****************BREAKING NEWS******************


IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! She's 2 and a half hours old!! She doesn't have a name yet, and she's just a wee thing, 6lb 4oz.

Bring on the pink yarn!


patrick said...

YAY BEAN! A little girl couldn't ask for a better mom and dad. She's going to have a fun childhood!

amandarama said...

YAY!!! Congratulations to the big beans!

Gregorio said...

Gosh darn it, Nat. Stop being so gosh darn photogenic! Love the sleeping chihuaha...