Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Earthquake Weather

First some photos...
The quilt.
The quilt backing.

Pentagon #1 for Nora Gaughan's "Capecho"-- most fun thing with 5 sides ever.
The completed LEO back... 25 1/2 glorious inches of 3x5 ribbing... eesh...

And a little preview of quilt #2... who is that little monkey?

And now, to address the true subject of this post... Earthquake Weather. Some say it exists... a dry, electric heat that seems to precede big earthquakes here in Southern California. I think it is a myth, but I still wonder every time the sky gets that brownish grey tense look to it. Today is not hot, nor is there tension in the skies, but I feel another kind of earthquake coming... I feel the rough jolts of sadness on the horizon. The planets are aligning. It's not my world that I fear will soon erupt, but the lives of people I care about.
My uncle is not well. He has reached another stable plateau, but it is several steps down from the last moment of quiet status quo. Hope is in short supply, but as long as the doctors are saying "I don't know what's causing this" there is still the chance that someone may figure it out before the end of the hour... Dr. House, we need you. Someone needs to get their head around this illness before the plates shift again.
And then there is Senor's Granny. She's 92. A shadow is falling over her, and she is not strong enough to fight it very well or very long. Granddad isn't much stronger and, I fear, is likely to fall into the darkness of her shadow.
And we, the helpless family members, standing firmly on one side of the fault looking across at the people we can't protect... We can only hope for them that the grey brown clouds drift on without incident, bringing behind them peaceful days. Whether the peace be sad or happy, we can only pray now for that peace to come to those we love.
And the waiting... The waiting is the hardest part.


Peach said...

I LOVE the quilt!! Awesome colors and prints. :)

Rosmy said...

Nice blog!

The monkey is called "Curious George". It's a childrens book written by H.A. Rey.