Monday, February 26, 2007

The Tree

The shoots are now tiny leaves. No more than a centimeter in size. So cute and fresh. And mine, all mine!! By almost killing the tree, which belonged to I-don't-know-I-guess-my-mom, I have now made it mine. I think I am starting to care about the darn thing. I know, what?!

Unfortunately, the wee leaves are photogenically evasive. When they get a bit bigger, I'll try again.

Is this saga at all interesting to any of you?

I have my doubts.


Okies for Trees said...

How wrong you are. Some of us have hung on your every word, your every photo of the now beloved tree. The tree, through its struggle, has brought a new caring, a new tenderness to your heart. We are enjoying the journey you and the tree are on.

amandarama said...

Yeah - what he said.

Gregorio said...

I tied 3 yellow ribbons around small trees in Central Park to commemorate your tree!