Tuesday, August 21, 2007

O Canada!!!

The time has come. To keep the knitting readers satiated, I will begin with Canada: O The Yarn!
We arrived at Pearson Airport at roughly 9am Friday. Senor had not really slept since he woke at 6am Thursday to go to work.


I wasn't feeling much better.

We sought caffeine and bread products at Moonbean, a cozy, perfect coffee house in Kensington Market. Though I was tired, a little frisson of excitement persisted. I was within blocks of Lettuce Knit, a place of legend and mystery. We paid with our crisp colorful Canadian dollars and took off. A helpful woman sipping coffee in the sun gave us directions to Nassau street. "You go down that way, turn and go up a little way, and then go over there and it's just down the way," she said (roughly) with her arm snaking through the air. Somehow, I knew what she meant. Of course, now that I've been there, I'd say to a lost stranger (with my arm as visual aid), "You turn right at the fruits and vegetables, go down past the sunglasses, make a left at the fruit and vegetables, another right at the sunglasses, past the nuts and Canada patches, and it's just down that way." And though it may not sound like it, I thought Kensington market was very fruity, very nutty, and totally sweet!

We walked along, naming nuts (Pine Nut. Pistachio Nut. Macadamia Nut.), and then we saw it.

Still closed, but really really there. Lettuce Knit. I perched on the steps while Senor snapped some photos for me.

(Does anyone know how they decide what yarn goes in there?)

After only a few minutes, a friendly girl named Alexis let me in. And there was sock yarn EVERYWHERE!! They just don't have that kind of selection in California. I grabbed myself some Socks That Rock in Red Rock Canyon. Now that I think back, there were other skeins I wish I'd gotten also, but I was pleased with my choice. We browsed a bit more, and then it was time to say goodbye.

Next we went to Romney. I was too tired and overwhelmed when I walked in and saw this:

I didn't purchase anything here, 'cause I just couldn't process this amount of yarn on 2 hours of seated sleep. I wish now that I'd been brave enough, but I just couldn't take the stimulation.

Besides, it was time to head to Huntsville and the time on our meter was running out (we think).

Off to the wedding!


Senor Fuerte said...

Your directions to Lettuce Knit should also include "Make a right as soon as you come to the worst smelling fish market in North America."

Anne-Marie said...

Lol @ Senor's comment.

And GAH! how much yarn? We can barely even get sock yarn here. I want to go to Canadia even more now

Gregorio said...

HAHAHAHA! NICE blog! That really was Knitting Nirvana... wasn't it?

While in Canadia... did you get to try Poutine?

ellipsisknits said...

Dude, I wanna know what the yarn in the metal sculpture thing is all about too!