Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Times

Well, it's now officially one month since the first event on my list of squirrelled blog posts, so I think it means it's time.

I know what you're all thinking. Finally! (Hello all you Strongs and Bynums, I'm sorry it's taken me so long!)

At 3:30 in the morning the alarm went off. By 4:30 in the morning Senor and I were at the airport, see photo:

By 3:30 in the afternoon we were in Traverse City, Michigan. Our bags were not. It's very discouraging when the smallest airport on earth unloads the smallest plane on earth and the 7 bags come rolling out on the shortest conveyor belt on earth and NONE OF THEM ARE YOURS!! You have nothing to wear to the wedding, you have nothing to wear to the rehearsal dinner, you have nothing to even brush your teeth or restraighten your hair. (But you do have your knitting because you are not an idiot and carried that on)

By 4:00 in the afternoon we were checked in at the Holiday Inn, which was quite nice and had an ocean view. (Senor tells me that it is in fact a lake. Barbara tells me it's actually a bay attached to a lake. I say you can't see the other side. It's ocean.)

By 4:15 in the afternoon we were enjoying oceanside bevvies in plastic cups (yeah, baby, just the way I like it) and some fried cheese (What, buy food on the plane? We aren't Rockefellers. But we are Rockin' Fellers, thank you thank you.)

And by 5:00 we were at the rehearsal.

According to my photos of the event, the only thing that happened at the rehearsal was that the Father of the Bride (FoB) exchanged cds with the Bride... while being windblown and sassy. Don't worry, Amanda, there are pretty photos coming. Of course, the wedding itself was rehearsed casually (way to go on the low key proceedings!). It didn't take much because we were dealing with a bunch of professional wedding party members, and we were off to the rehearsal dinner at the groom's parents lovely home out in the countryside.

(Note the glazed over look in Senor's eyes, that's two hours of sleep for you)

Senor and I were still wearing the same clothes we had put on at 3:30 in the morning, and we were driving a Chevy Aveo, which we renamed El Crapeo, for obvious reasons, see photo:

While I didn't take any photos of the actual house, I did take some photos around the Bynum's property (and one of myself, cause that's just who I am):

The food was excellent, the company friendly, both new and old, and the evening beautiful, if a little windy and chilly for a native Californian. (Yu-huh, it was-so cold, Ashley High!). And the sun was still up at 9:30.

Then began the hunt for the bags. Roaming charges abounded. They promised to deliver our bags by the morning.

One arrived, not the other. We ended up picking the other bag up at the airport ourselves and then having breakfast at the appropriately named:

... where we ate at half a booth:

And I was still wearing the same clothes...

And then it was time to get ready for the wedding. A much needed shower and fresh undies and I was a new woman! Senor prepared to marry his sister, and we went out to the oceanview terrace for a pre-wedding plastic of wine.

It was a beautiful wedding, short, sweet, funny, perfect.

The groom is on the left, with two of his groomsmen.

I video taped the ceremony on my little camera, which promptly alerted me it was out of batteries, so the rest of the evening was not captured properly. I can tell you there was karaoke and wine, and karaoke ON wine. The Maid of Honor and I sang "Don't Stop Believing" at the tail end of the night, which I'm sure was very lovely. A singer in a smokey room, the smell of wine and cheap perfume... Oh so wedding appropriate. I'm still waiting to see the alleged photos of that one.

And then we went to pass out.

After the Sunday brunch, we spent the next day puttering around Traverse City, peering through the windows of closed knitting shops, and eating. We had dinner with Monte and Barbara (who just joined Ravelry, by the way... another one bites the dust, eh, staxgirl?) and a lovely restaurant, and then late night drinks with the bride and groom. A fitting end to a great weekend.

Good times.


Anne-Marie said...

You and senor make such a cute couple. I love that half booth :)

Staxgirl said...

Okay, I have totally been suckered in and the obsession has returned. It's all YOUR fault. :-)

amanda said...

thank you, SIL, for a lovely post about my special special day. I think your photos capture everything perfectly!