Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mo-Mentum Mo-Mentum Mo!!

Finishitis. So rare. So gratifying.

I see them, those unfinished projects, and I want them finished. I want to work on one until it's finished and then pick up the next and finish it until they are all done.

This almost never happens to me. I hope it lasts. If I can carry it through for another week, I could make some serious headway. I need to do some photo shoots of a few recent finishes, but in the meantime I present you with a single shot of the project I hold responsible for the finishitis:

The Shetland Triangle. What seemed like an insurmountable project somehow was finished in 4 days. And after that I wanted more. More finished objects. More feelings of dedication and endurance. I cast on a Swallowtail Shawl the next day. It is now 85% finished. And I have since finished a Harlot Scarf and the Citrus Yoke pullover. I'm on the move. Next will be the Ribbon Lace scarf, and meanwhile I will continue taking little bites out of the Swallowtail.

Life is good. Knitting is good. But finishing... finishing is the best. Whether it's a project or a bottle of shampoo... getting to the finish line feels so great!


Anne-Marie said...

Ooh pretty. It feels really great to finish stuff. I finished 3 things in one weekend earlier this month just so I could use my needles on a new sweater. Im now bored of the stockinette-ness and I want to start new things but no, I at least want to finish the main part of this sweater before I pick up anything else

Rosina said...

Wow!You put me to shame... :)