Monday, March 01, 2010

I Declare These Games Closed

I didn't make it. I came close: Just half of the seaming left, plus weaving in the ends and putting in a zipper (yikes!). I probably could have made it, but it would require more extensive neglect of my husband and child, and I was not comfortable with that, so I surrendered. It's a decision all competitors must make for themselves: What am I willing to give up to win? Turns out I am not willing to give up lunch out with my boys or time playing with baby's new toys. Or sleep.

I am fine with the results of this decision. I got so close that I am satisfied with the effort, and I will have a finished sweater very soon.

Now, what to do next? There is a charge I am feeling now that this project is nearly finished. It makes me feel like I have a clean slate... but I don't. I have many WiPs that I could finish... I'm sorry, SHOULD finish.

- Endpaper Mitts, for Heaven's Sake!
- Honeypie
- Jaywalkers Revisited
- Laminaria (started pre-pregnancy, Hello! He's almost 1!!)
- Barn Raising Quilt #2

There are some projects that are at the forefront of the To Be Cast On list.
- Rainy Day Mitts (got the yarn already)
- Something for my nephew to be, aka Microcuz (got the yarn already)

And then there is everything else. I want to knit it all!! I want finished projects, so I should start with the already started, since I'm a lot closer to finishing those than things that aren't started yet (duh), but this is never the way my mind works.

And that's why I never have a clean slate. Never.

Sometimes I drive me crazy.


Foxy said...

I'd call it 99.44% pure.

As for me, I have 40 rows to go, plus a little bit of finishing. I love the way the Malabrigo Sock drapes and I can't wait to wear the cowl.

viejo fuerte said...

You probably have the basis for a book here, "Knitting Wars". I really enjoy reading about your starts, your stops, and your interruptions. Of course I don't understand the technical terms, but your ongoing battle with time makes for fun reading.

Free Range Chick said...

Microcuz. I like that.