Monday, March 13, 2006

Mommy, I made a dress!

No kidding! We made the orange version-- only it's not orange. Gran and I spent the day yesterday working on an "easy" dress pattern I bought from Do not believe them-- "easy" would seem to be the lowest challenge level, but according to Gran, there must also be "Really Easy", "Simple", "Ridiculously Basic", and "Not sewing at all"... making my EASY dress more like intermediate to frustrating. Yesterday was our second marathon day of sewing and seam ripping (not too much of the second, thankfully). I did most of the work, but I definitely would have had to re-do a lot more frequently if I were trying to do it alone. Thank you, Gran!!!

It's almost done. All that's left is the zipper and the hem, which Gran took home with her to do. Zipper lessons at a later date. I am planning to wear it to one of my bridal showers. You'll get a picture of it then... It even fits me. Which is good, 'cause I'd hate to have committed to wearing it if it didn't. ;)

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