Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yesterday, I made less than 5000 steps.

Pathetic effort. I bought a pedometer at 5pm Monday. After a trip to the gym, which included a 35 minute walk on the treadmill, I had logged nearly 5000 steps. I thought surely if I'd had it on the entire day, I'd have reached the 12-15,000 steps required to count these steps toward my weight loss efforts. So I woke up Tuesday feeling excited to count an entire day-- I made extra trips to the coffee machine, I delivered messages to my dad's office in person instead of using the intercom, I even had two hours of dance class-- and I ONLY TOOK 4721 STEPS!!! That's not even enough to maintain...

This is going to be much harder than I thought. I am looking to beat my very very low "high score" today... It is 8:22 and I have taken 511 steps. I am going to the gym later, so there's an extra 5000ish right there (maybe I'll do 45 minutes instead of 35)... I am aiming for 10,000 today.

And with that said, I am going to take the 24 steps to the coffee machine and back. The added benefit of more trips to the coffee pot? Extra trips to the bathroom... 18 steps one way.

One could really obsess about this.

But I'm not. ;)

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amandarama said...

I want to get a pedometer. I need to keep track of my mileage.