Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Spirit: I Almost Has it.

While generally a Grinch this time of year, though not a total Scrooge, I have found a few moments that have helped me get it up for Christmas... my spirit, I mean.

- Seeing Senor's Big Boss doing the splits with her V.P.s at the department Christmas party last night... Oh, booze, you are a beautiful thing! Especially when you are free.

- The annual parade of scented candles and candy from my dance students began last night. I'll be chubby with acne, but at least my house will smell!

- New winter coat for early Christmas. Watch out Oklahoma Ice Storm, I'm comin' to melt you 'cause I'm looking so hot (and so warm).

- Lox and Bagels and hot Ham/Cheese/Croissant sandwiches on the same day?! Yes please!!!

- Christmas shopping is officially finished. Phew! Now begins the thumb sucking, rocking and face twitching that comes along with recovering from having been "out there."

- One more dance class to teach and then two weeks off from "Bailey, stop falling down on purpose! Kelli, no hanging on Audrey! Girls, stop tapping while I'm talking!!" Sweet Sweet silence and rubber soled shoes for two whole weeks!!!

- Waitin' on the Countdown. Nuff said for now.

- Rain.

- An article about Sock Wars ran in the Wall Street Journal this week. Front page. I didn't participate this year, but knice knews coverage, Knitties!!

- When you need a pick-me-up.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

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Anne-Marie said...

It doesn't seem like Christmas this year for some reason.
I didn't start buying presents until 2 weeks ago, and it was my last day in work today and I still don't feel festive.

I got you a little something actually, which I picked up just after I got your competition package which was forever ago. Did I post it? Um yeah... I will do, and hopefully you will get it before Chinese New Year :s

Happy Holidays none the less. Hope the festivity catches up with us both before Tuesday!