Friday, December 21, 2007

Let the panic begin!

T minus 9hrs 25min until take off... It's gusting up to 60 mph here in good old El Segundo, and I get to climb into a metal tube and the thrust up into the churning, surging air later. Oh goody! Will I keep my cool? I'm almost certain. Will I be quietly sh***ing myself? Well, yes, yes I will. But I'll also be kn***ing myself. (See what I did there?) If we get stuck in an airport for 4 days, I will not run out of knitting. If we get snowed in for the duration of our 5 days in Oklahoma, I will not run out of knitting. Of course, I'll probably get next to no knitting done once we get there, but carrying so many projects with me is a risk I'm willing to take. I will begin my trip knitting with the gloves I started, 'cause something tells me that I'm gonna need 'em. Forecast for tomorrow is highs in the 30s. I know to some of you that is nothing. I know it's just what winter is supposed to be like, but I'm sitting here in California in the 60s with some wind and I'm freezing my ass off.

I also have two pair of socks, my capelet, which is getting very closed to finished, and an unstarted hat, again, 'cause I'll need it. What do you think about Malabrigo in Apricot on size 8s? Quick, easy, and it'll look great with my hair!!

So the bags are packed, the last panic before the panic will of course be this: Getting to the airport and through the lines in time. Senor's anticipated arrival home is at about 3:30. 10 min ride to airport. We will be arriving, if all goes smoothly, less than 2hrs ahead of time. There's nothing for it. We'll just have to hold our breath, be extra sweet and kind to the airport staff and hope for some sympathy and cooperation. At least we are not flying Southwest.

If all goes well and the plane stays up, I'll try to drop a note from OK sometime tomorrow.

Take care, y'all. (I'm practicing)


senor fuerte said...

"Elllllllll! Segundo, where the wind comes up and kicks your ass!"

Anne-Marie said...

Have a good trip! I have a 3 hour drive tomorrow. Lets hope it isn't so foggy and that all the other drivers stay home :)

Anonymous said...

Right now it's 65 degrees and absolutely lovely. So you have at least a day to finish those gloves.