Thursday, December 06, 2007


Hi, Amembah me?

I haven't touched my Print O' the Wave stole since last November... at least, that's the last I remember touching it, the weekend of my Father in Law's wedding, which was also Thanksgiving weekend. If I've touched it since then, I guess it wasn't very memorable.

At this point, I have no idea what row I am on, and I know there are at least a mistake or two somewhere in there. I am hesitant to continue where I left off, knowing that I am a much better knitter now than I was a year ago and could possibly do it perfectly if I were to start over. I am also hesitant to frog inches and inches of work...

So here is the deal I am striking with myself: I will investigate in hopes of uncovering which row I was on. I will finish that pattern repeat and knit another. If I am unsatisfied with the overall look of the thing, or if there is a significant guage change due to experience, or if the thing is just too tainted with my frustration to be enjoyable... I will frog and start over. After careful consideration, I have decided I still do want a Print o' the Wave stole of my very own... but I'm not sure about this particular incarnation of it.

I have brought it to work with me. We shall see, oh yes, we shall see...

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