Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dear Me,

You are miserable at being alone, you know that? I'll tell you why: The plans. The fantasy that you are going to revolutionize your life and your space in a single weekend while Senor is away... This fantasy is going to drive you crazy. Take it from someone who knows you. You didn't clear out your closet this weekend, and I know you are disappointed about that, but guess what: Most people didn't. In fact, probably hardly anyone cleaned out their closet this weekend. Nor did any significant portion of the population reorganize the garage, build kitchen cabinets, write a novel, or get their carpets shampooed. They all feel fine about this. Why don't you? Oh Me, you and your New Leaf Fantasies. When will you learn?

And besides that, Me, you DID do a lot of the things on your list. You vacuumed, you did the dishes (several times), you got through all of the laundry, you changed the sheets, you knit 3 squares for your quilt, you finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl (fantastic!), and you went for a three mile run. Those are all things to be proud of, and yet, the bigger, less realistic tasks that you didn't do are bumming you out. Now here it is, Sunday evening, and Senor will not be home for another two days... and you're STILL thinking you are going to do not only one, but ALL of those epic projects! You're a fool, Me.

Instead of worrying that you aren't doing those things, why don't you do some other things that you want to do?

I know, I hear you. You can't think of anything you want to do.

And that's because you are alone, and nothing is as fun for you when you are alone as it is when Senor is here... Oh Me, I know how you feel. I miss him too...


PS. I know you are now thinking how much alike the words quilt and guilt are... yes, they are, but guilt won't keep you as warm, though it might keep you as occupied.


Anne-Marie said...

I'm totally with you on this one. I always make stupid lists which seem do-able, until reality hits and I manage maybe 2 or 3 of the things. And if Morven isn't here I just sit on the PC or spin for several hours.

What is it with laundry? I ALWAYS managed to clear laundry, when my lists have much more interesting content.

Vieja Fuerte said...

I'm in the same boat. Or closet. All alone. Big plans. But the phone keeps ringing. At least Viejo will be home in a couple of hours.