Monday, March 24, 2008

A Two-Story Morning

Today I bring you "How today was almost really bad" and "A tale of two shopping trips".

First "How today was almst really bad."

I was on my way to work, groovin' to some Bob Dylan, dreading Monday but enjoying my new outfit (see the next story), and cruising down PCH past the new mall here in El Segundo. A glint of light caught my eye off to the right of the road about 200 yards down. Instantly I knew what it was: a cop and his lazer. A slight alarm rose in my chest as I looked down at the speedometer and see that I was in fact speeding. My foot lifted off the gas and began tapping lightly on the break. I didn't want to slam my foot down for fear that the sudden decceleration with call attention to me. As I began to slow the car beside me went wooshing by, not at aggressive-teenage-boy speeds, but still faster than myself. We reached the driveway where the cop was waiting. I watched as the car in front of my went by. The cop didn't pull out. Would I soon regret buying a red car? I went by at the posted speed limit without looking over at the cop. In my rearview mirror I saw my fears coming true. The cop whipped out of the driveway and pulled into my lane. "No, no, not me," I said outloud, trying to maintain my lawful driving. He followed me for a few dreadful seconds and then miraculously, he went out and around me and threw on his lights for the car in front. Phew.

With my heart in my throat I drove the rest of the way to work. And it wasn't until I got here that I realized what could have been so so much worse. I forgot my purse at home. No driver's license.

And now "A tale of two shopping trips."

With the change in the weather and the pressure of what to wear for Easter looming, I ventured out shopping with my mom and grandma on Friday afternoon. I was still sporting a fuzzy champage buzz from a little brunch we'd had that morning. We were headed for Nordstrom's to shop with their money, cha-ching!! I was even happy with the underwear I was wearing (boys, it makes a difference, I can't explain). It was going to be a good day.

But it wasn't. Nordstrom's sucked!! I don't know who their target market was, but everything looked like dental scrubs-- and I would know. The colors were washed out and weird, the patterns were just bizarre, and the quality was on par with Old Navy but with Nordstrom's prices. It was the suck. I knew it was the clothes and not me, but as the buzz wore off and the afternoon hangover set in, it was impossible to avoid getting down on myself for the lack of fit and flatter going on. I went home with three new things but a seriously bad attitude. By 6:30 I was so down that I sent myself to bed. When Senor got home at 7:30, I did my best to ressurect myself because we were going out to see his co-worker's band. Whatever, I was so over it all.

Saturday, I still needed something to wear for Easter, and I was sure I could do better than I had the day before. I went instead to Macy's and had a much better experience. I got myself a dress and three tops. And there were a few things I left at the store that were pretty good too.

I wore my dress to Easter, and when we got home from brunch, we took a little nap, and then went through our closets. You would have been so proud-- I was RUTHLESS!! Everything I don't wear: gone. Everything that needs ironing: hung out in plain view to be taken care of. All yucky wire hangers: replaced with plastic.

I feel a bit more like a grown-up. Which I could certainly use more of these days.

And those are my two stories.

How were your weekends?

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Krissy said...

I think that yoiu should return the three items form Nordstorms, go to Macy's and buy more cute stuff!

Glad you had a good weekend.