Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Biggest Loser Swap Spoils... so far!

From grannyfaye, I received a kit for a posey pillow from It includes a skein of Araucania Nature Cotton, buttons, a piece of quilt for the applique flowers, a pattern, and some chocolate lip balm. Yum!

From knit1kids2, I got a vibrant skein of Sereknity sock yarn in a colorway called Macintosh-- I assume it's named for the apples-- it's fun to knit and good for you, too. :) It also included a pattern for a scarf that would work for the yarn. A mystery pattern... wonder what it will look like?

From knitster58, I received a wonderful package of goodies! It came in a really cool project bag, perfect for a small, portable project like a sock, and it included a skein of regia surf color sock yarn in a really juicy red and coral colorway, some nailpolish, tangerine and apple lip gloss, two notepads, some notecards, and what appear to be some handmade pearl stitch markers-- knitster58, did you make those yourself? Love it all!

MaybeeSomeday got me an on-line gift certificate to I used it to purchase a skein of sock yarn in a colorway called Pink Grapefruit. It is so squishy and bright. I love it!

And from trueblonde, I received an on-line gift certificate to, which was used to get a skein of Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the colorway Koi Koi. It is hard to beat Blue Moon colorways and I had a really hard time choosing. I was not disappointed in my choice. So pretty!

That's my booty so far. Thank you everyone. I am having the best time contemplating projects, though I suspect a lot if not all of the sock yarn will end up contributing to a second Barn Raising Quilt. I can't help myself-- it's a totally addictive pattern!


amanda said...

I think you're going to have a hard time getting that pink grapefruit away from The Muffin.

Anonymous said...

"AW, PRETTY BABY ELLIOTT!!" That was Maddison's reaction when she saw your blog. My thoughts exactly. :)