Monday, May 11, 2009

The Great Debate

I keep getting asked two questions about being a mother to a boy:

Has he peed in your mouth yet?

Has he peed in your eye yet?

The answer to both questions is: Not yet. Apparently these two things are unavoidable, so I will not hope to avoid them. They seem to be everyone's worst case scenario... which makes me wonder: Which is actually worse? Anyone experienced both? While I dare not hope to avoid them both entirely, perhaps I can avoid one of them and never truly know... is it worse to get peed in the eye or the mouth?

Happy Mother's Day!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that getting peed in the eye is actually much more unpleasant, but for some reason the mouth is the one that grosses me out. Taste buds are the reason, I suppose.

Brynne said...

Two boys, countless diaper changes, no pee in the mouth. Any time it hit my face my eye reflexes thankfully kicked in and closed. So yeah, you'll get peed on, but thankfully there's no aim on that thing whatsoever at that age. :)

Free Range Chick said...

I had a girl, but she did seem to have a talent for peeing on her father. Hey, that stuff comes out with some force. I remember there was a trick to me not getting peed on. I'll have to share it next time I see you.

senor fuerte said...

See, I wanted to name him R. Kelly, but you put the kabosh on that. Well, who's laughin' now?

sue said...

Oh I never had anything like that with my son. He used to wee when I first took his nappy off, but it usually ended up all over the nappy anyway, never anywhere near my face. Did you know that urine is actually very clean and is used for medicinal purposes too. I never knew that until last week which was a real eye opener.

amanda said...

I would say the eye, because cleaning out your mouth is easy, but cleaning out your eye is not.

word verification - sicked - appropriate, maybe?