Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little Gem

Elliott's been trying to find his voice lately... it's really cute, but it's so far elluded capture on film. However, I did capture THIS:


Anonymous said...

Now THAT's something to keep for the 21st birthday party!!

At least it wasn't on you. :)


Free Range Chick said...

OMG - I had to go wipe my eyes. I'm at the office and called people over cause "Natalie has a video up!" Was not expecting that. Too funny.

Andrew said...

HAHA!! That was awesome!

Anne-Marie said...

Projectile! Nice!

Oh the joys of parenting :) I can't wait :)

amanda said...

Holy shit! I mean, holy shit! AMAZING!!!

Live, Laugh, and Love :) xoxo said...

Natalie-I remember those days.....They will get better...He is adorable!!