Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two pieces of news

One-- I won the Biggest Loser pool that I joined on Ravelry!!! When I was assigned the pink team I had my doubts. Not because I didn't think that Helen or Shannen could do it, but because I couldn't imagine that there would be not only a third female Biggest Loser in a row, but also a third pink team Biggest Loser in a row... it seemed much too far-fetched. Alas, Helen and I prevailed!!! Now I get yarn (or gift certificates for yarn) from all of the other knitters in my swap... one knitter for each color. How many colors were there? I didn't bother to count, but I think it was 10 total... Yippee!!

Two-- I don't know when something like this becomes official, probably around the time of the first "Where's my blankie?!" tantrum... but I think Elliott may have declared his eternal blanket love for the grey pinwheel blanket I knit for him!!! Is it too early at 7 weeks old to make that kind of commitment? Probably, but all I can say is that he responds to it with smiling and cuddling in a way that he doesn't respond to anything else in his small sphere of life... not even me or his daddy. As the knitter of the beloved item I find this almost more gratifying than I do as the mother of the beloving child. :)


Senor Fuerte said...

If you had another one...the same but in a different would be fun to see if he can distingush one from the other. His daddy could pick out his favorite binky in the dark, at the bottom of a coal mine. Pick it out from five others. If we could have put a lojac on it, we would haved a lot of time and tears.

Viejo Fuerte said...

Not Senor....I meant Viejo Fuerte.

Senora Fuerte said...

Ah yes, but if I knit a second one in the same color and start alternating them now, then I'll have two that he might not be able to distinguish between... that way there's a back up. I do have more of the yarn... Perhaps I should get to work!