Monday, May 21, 2007

Finishing and Beginning

All done!!! Ruffled Surplice from Interweave Knits Spring 2007 is finished and I love it!! This is the second time I've worn it, and I have no complaints. I plan to take full advantage of June Gloom (though it is still May) to wear cashmerino before it gets too hot. I am loving the layered look.
Yarn: KFI Cashmerino
Needles: Size 9

I especially think that my new sweater goes great with my new sunburn! See that redness? The photo doesn't really capture the raging blue-redness of it, and it is now 48 hours since I got hijacked by an outdoor awards ceremony that lasted too long. I thought it would be inside. Dummy me. Well, I guess that's my sunburn for the year. I get no tan ever, but I always get one ill-advised sunburn somehow... Note to self: Call dermatologist for a check-up.

And what is this? You didn't think I could finish one sweater without starting another, did you? I'm a machine now!
This rolly bit of reverse stockingnette is eventually going to be the following:

Do I really need to say I'm happy with my Interweave Knits subscription? This is the sleeveless tux shirt from the Summer 07 issue. I'm using Elann Lara mercerized cotton. I am not loving it. It is very splitty. Bummer... still, I press on. I just have to pay a bit more attention.
That's all.


Peach said...

too cute!
I subscribed.

Anne-Marie said...

I love that top! And I wish it was cheaper to get IK delivered to the UK.

MrsPurls said...

Hola Chica!!

You are right...peas in a pod!! I have gotten frustrated with the surplice...I'm seaming now and found that I need to do some surgery...ughhh! On the left-front panel, I don't have enough stitches to close the gap from the edging and the back collar. I have to figure out how to fix it!!! I can't wait to finish it though. It gets hot in NC, so I really want to wear it before it gets too hot. Hopefully I will finish it this week! I'm going to post on the KAL to see if anyone has suggestions...

Girl, Grey's Anatomy had me about to cry...I can't stand the suspense. When Burk wasn't at the condo...I couldn't believe they left it open he coming back next season, or will he negotiate his contract and return...ughh! I think Dr. McDreamy is going to hook up with the chick he met at the bar (Meredith's sister)...this is going to be good! I can't wait. There were so many elements going on....I'm gonna watch the previous series again until next season...I need to get my Thursday Grey's Anatomy fix! Plus I want my husband to get into the show!!! He's such a sports fanatic.

Love your blog...I'll add you to my blogroll so others can find you! Oh, I see you celebrated a wedding anniversary...Congrats... our 1 year wedding anniversary is on June 2....I can't wait...its been a good year...a year of lots of adjustments..but a good year. Keep in touch! Sorry for the long post:)

Michelle (aka MrsPurls)

larissa said...

This is gorgeous. I want to make one now! And I would have asked you if you knit it yourself, too.

Anne-Marie said...

Pea and Carrot did have a babysitter, however he didn't do a good job of watching them, as they managed to eat 4 pepper plants i had growing in the window. If I ever have real children, I will look elsewhere for sitters.

Babysueundgina said...


I`m knitting the Sleeveless Tuxeto Shirt, too. It`s a bit of a yawn. But..... the placket is great. You can see a photo on my blog. It is not yet finished. At moment the Tuxedo Shirt is stretching.
here is my Sock-Homepage:


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping if you have any left over KFI Cashmerino from your beautiful surplice (I'm talking scraps here - anything!) that you'd be willing to sell it to me or trade for other yarn. I'm a few inches away from finishing the hood on a toddler version of Kate Gilbert's "a cardigan for Arwen" for a friend's new baby. Desperate to find something to finish the sweater. You can reach me at THanks!