Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What I know you've all been waiting for...

She was looking for me. I was drying my hair.

What's so hard about this? She's napping in a chair!

Look at that grin. That's what handknits can do.

Lovin' the look of this!!! We'll at least be photogenic parents, if not actually GOOD parents... Of course, we'll be probably do just fine at the actual parenting too. We fake it like champs!!!

Ahh, Future Daddies of America!!!

Ahhh, Future Grandmas of America!!!!

Look at these two. That's the real mommy (and daddy shooting the other angle in the background). The rest of us just pretended.

Weird, I didn't take any photos of poop, wee wee al fresca, spit up, dirty bottles, hanging laundry... I guess those things are just so easy to forget about when there's all that cuteness!!


Anne-Marie said...

Other peoples children are great :) All the fun without the mess (and lack of sleep)

amandarama said...

Lord help us, you've got the baby bug!