Monday, May 07, 2007

New Family Member

Not that kind. Get your minds out of the bassinet!

This weekend we said goodbye to an old friend, and we welcomed a new member into our family.
Zis is our new car, Werner:Werner is a German, und he is very prompt und precise. He vill accomplish anything ve ask of him, und he vill do it kvickly and vissout complaint. Werner is a 1979 BMW 5 series. Zis means nussing to me, but Senor is very excited about zis. All I know is Werner did 80 on the freeway, but I did hear him say, "Zis is not the Autobahn!"

Are you wondering if we always speak in the German accent when we talk about Werner? Yes, unless Senor is talking to a car person, and then he speaks of Werner like the english-speaking car person he is.

Of course, in order to make room for our new comrade, we had to say goodbye to an old one. We took the Fetus to Puppy Lake, also known as CarMax. The Fetus is called the Fetus because it looks like a fetal SUV... We didn't make it up, but it stuck. Anyway, the Fetus will spend his days at Puppy Lake, romping and rolling in the mud with the other puppies, until some very happy new owner buys him and puts photos of him on his/her blog.

As for me, I am sad after all. I never knew how I loved the Fetus until it was time to say goodbye. Of course, if Senor has his way, we will be saying hello and goodbye to many car friends over the course of our lives... so I'd better get used to it. I haven't been this sad since Pierre died.

(Pierre was my Puegeot. He went to live with the blind kids.)

Goodbye, Fetus. Don't fail us now.


amandarama said...

Next stop - ze vurld domination!

viejo fuerte said...

At least Senor didn't burn Fetus to the ground in front of your house. Aaahhh, the stories. I like the name Werner. I'm still pissed that Senor got a Bimmer before I did.

Krissy said...

Auto frisch sind spass. Werner blicken Wunderbar. Haben eine Gluckliche Reise bei ihm.

Das ist alles.

Auf Weidersehen.